IT Purchases: The What and How questions.

Whilst wandering the web I came across this quote “Does Tescos buy the what—a new logistics system, say—at a cost of millions of pounds, install it, and then ask themselves, “I wonder how we are going to use this kit?”. Of course not. How the technology is going to be used is one of the first questions that is asked […]

Collaborative Working

For years now pupils have been working together on various aspects of ICT. In some cases, the task has determined the effectiveness of the collaboration. Having a team creating an animation or video lends itself to pupils having different roles and responsibilities and being purposefully engaged throughout, with the option of changing roles as the […]

FS2 and JIT

Wednesday last week saw me at St Nicholas Primary School, Hull for the day introducing the staff and pupils to the J2E suite of software. I began the day with FS2. The staff had seen the software, JIT, previously, but this was the first time the pupils had viewed it. As time was limited, we […]