Devices, devices, but what to buy?

Well, at the risk of upsetting the current device juggernaut, I don’t think the answer is to run out and buy shedloads of iPods and iPads without considering the alternatives. Don’t get me wrong, I own one and it’s a splendid device, but I do feel that there’s a momentum developed where schools are thinking […]

Using a Learning Platform to Deliver the Curriculum Pt 2.

Well, the half term is over and that particular unit of work is complete. We had 2 more weeks on simutations and whilst the technical issues with PrimaryWall weren’t sorted in time- partly because there’s nearly a week between my visits, so testing responses from YHGfL (who provided excellent support)- wasn’t as swift as if […]


Blippit! is a new online tool that allows teachers and pupils to create apps that will run on mobile devices. You won’t find Blippit in either Apple’s App Store or the Google Store as both these routes are frought with problems for schools. It costs, takes too long, apps need approval by Apple/Google and it’s […]


A week or three ago I mentioned that I’d been at St George’s with some Y2s and a combination of netbooks and the Just 2 Easy Infant Toolkit (JIT). Well, one week later saw me with Y1s and a similar scenario. Well, it was pretty much more of the same setup in that we had […]