FS2 and JIT

Wednesday last week saw me at St Nicholas Primary School, Hull for the day introducing the staff and pupils to the J2E suite of software. I began the day with FS2. The staff had seen the software, JIT, previously, but this was the first time the pupils had viewed it. As time was limited, we […]

Individual Pupil Blogs as a Learning Log and Showcase

A lot has been written about the positive impact that blogging can have on pupils attainment and  Heathfield Primary School  is perhaps the best know, where writing improved dramatically over a short space of time. I’ve worked with a number of schools where the end product has been displayed on the school blog. Click here for some […]


Let’s begin this blog by putting to bed any preferences I have for Apple, Windows or Android devices. It’s simple really. I don’t have any. I own an iPad, a Windows laptop and I’ve recently taken on long term loan a Chromebook and I use them all. A lot of my work and leisure is […]