Individual Pupil Blogs as a Learning Log and Showcase

A lot has been written about the positive impact that blogging can have on pupils attainment and  Heathfield Primary School  is perhaps the best know, where writing improved dramatically over a short space of time. I’ve worked with a number of schools where the end product has been displayed on the school blog. Click here for some […]

Blogging Policy

Whilst I’m not the most enthusiastic advocate of ‘a policy on everything’ I do realise that in some areas, especially those where publishing to the web is concerned, that it might be better to have than have not. As you might know, I’ve been working with some schools on blogging recently and I have to […]

Twitter and Parental Communication

Whilst discussing the uses of Twitter over a light lunch last week it struck me that a school could make effective use of it as a communication tool with parents to keep them updated. I know schools have their website and/or the Learning Platform, but Twitter offers the facility to have the information pushed to parents, rather than them […]


I’ve just (4.0 pm on Feb 10th) sat throught the AFL webinar from it’s learning and how Blogs can be used for AFL and improving writing.  Very informative and got me thinking that blogs could be used quite easily to encourage writing and peer review. If there’s anyone interested in trying this with pupils, I’d […]