IT Purchases: The What and How questions.

Whilst wandering the web I came across this quote “Does Tescos buy the what—a new logistics system, say—at a cost of millions of pounds, install it, and then ask themselves, “I wonder how we are going to use this kit?”. Of course not. How the technology is going to be used is one of the first questions that is asked […]


Let’s begin this blog by putting to bed any preferences I have for Apple, Windows or Android devices. It’s simple really. I don’t have any. I own an iPad, a Windows laptop and I’ve recently taken on long term loan a Chromebook and I use them all. A lot of my work and leisure is […]

Mobile technologies help learning

I spotted this article today and whilst it refers to ipods and ipads, I suspect we should assume the findings apply to Android-based tablets and Smartphones. Nothing against Apple’s products you understand as I’m giving serious thought to purchasing an iMac, but let’s not discount the other options too quickly. Speaking of other options, I […]