CNECT is an important new initiative which brings together a network of school service providers who are prepared to work and support each other to an open quality standard.

Already 18 school support professionals working with many hundreds of schools across the country have joined the expanding CNECT network and, in doing so, have indicated their commitment to the CNECT Charter.

The CNECT Charter includes the commitment to provide schools with fair and impartial advice, in a timely manner which is up to date in the rapidly changing area that they work in.

CNECT is the Consultants Network for Education Computing and Technology; members of CNECT are experienced professionals who are prepared to commit to the quality of the service that they provide to schools.

In a joint statement the school support professionals that are members of CNECT said, “We strongly believe that schools have a right to a guarantee of a quality of service which, too often, they fail to receive, CNECT is a grassroots initiative which aims to rectify this situation giving schools the confidence they need to know that their supply partners are effective and provide value.”

Schools should ask their current providers to show their commitment to the CNECT Charter or they may like to visit the CNECT web site,, to view those who have already made this very public commitment to provide a quality service.

Everyone has their nightmare story to tell, being taken advantage of by the unscrupulous or poorly informed trader. Unfortunately, this has also been the case for schools who have consequently purchased poor support, advice or EdTech products. CNECT aims to solve this issue by bringing together those who serve schools to a voluntary code of practice and a supportive community.

Members will be held accountable to this voluntary code by the evidence that they provide of customer satisfaction, by feedback received through the CNECT website and by peer review.

Look for CNECT members displaying the CNECT logo alongside their branding and check their entry on the CNECT web site