Website Requirements

The DfE updated the requirements on what is information it is statutory to publish. This was updated November 2016, so if you haven’t checked since then, the new requirements are here. If you don’t want to go through and check yourself, you can commission a report, for £200, from here.

J2Blast Enhancement

J2Blast, the latest addition to the J2E Toolkit has just had an update. You can now try practice papers for KS1 and KS2 maths. I could explain further, but why read when you can watch a video?

BinaryBots: Engaging additions to the BBC micro:bit

Although the BBC micro: bit was originally intended for Y7 pupils and was given to secondary schools it is becoming increasingly popular in primary schools as it can now be purchased from a number of suppliers. There is also an increasing range of enhancements to make the product more interesting to pupils. Two of these I […]

Bouncy Balls

Looking for something that will help keeping noise levels under control in the classroom? Bouncy Balls could be it. Tell them not to make the balls bounce with this great resource.Of course, it could backfire as they try to make the balls jump higher, but as some wise person observed, ‘if you have disturbance in […]

New Chromebook

Despite not really wanting another device, once I heard about the Viglen 360 Chromebook I thought I ought to explore one on behalf of schools. A few schools now have Chromebooks and are getting along very well with them for all sorts of reasons. You can read my longer blog post here. This one brings […]


This was recommended to me by a colleague and I as immediately impressed by it. You, or even better, pupils create a scene the free web-based software that can be viewed in 3D mode on a computer, but more excitingly in VR on a compatible VR headset. I’m now into week 2 of a computing […]

J2E Toolkit

As many of you know I’ve been a fan of the online software suite now known as the Just2Easy Toolsuite for sometime now and I was really pleased to see that they picked up an award at this year’s BETT Show for the product for the best tool for Learning, Teaching and assessment. I’ve worked […]